Boom Boom Satellites in New York x2

With NYCC just past, I certainly didn’t expect to see a Japanese group that I missed out from that hectic weekend. So I was quite interested to learn on Twitter, and from @MangaTherapy, that Boom Boom Satellites was going to be playing at Bowery Poetry Club, at around 11pm-ish no less, part of the CMJ Music Festival.

They are credited with contributing music to CGI Animated films of Appleseed, Vexille. Their music is also featured in Dark Knight.  Their only anime song credit currently is the opening for Xam’d: Lost Memories.

So off I went, as a regular Japanese music lover. Of course what cinch it for me, was for a $10 cover fee, I got to see this great Japanese Techno rock band. I was not at all familiar with their music, other than briefly sampling their music. Yet it was fun to see them in person. I did tweet, and have some really not so great pictures to share, courtesy of my cell phone.

MangaTherapy is a fantastic aid for this one, since I already knew labeled himself as a fanboy for BBS. There were plenty of fans boys for this band. Unfortunate thing was that there were no encore for the evening. But with what MangaTherapy told me, it is a fantastic experience to see them live.

Supposed set list.

I took a picture of the supposed set list, but as you can see from the actual set list, BBS did derive from this photo’s image.

During the show, there was a light show, that of course it was rave feeling, but even with that, the beats and rhythm were definitely beat bopping. Fans did get into it. Lots of mixing and programing was used, to drive up the sound, and make the sound unique. This performance were considered better than the Irving Plaza one, in the fact that it was more intimate, and less people.

Boom Boom Sattellites

Set list of for this set:

Back On My Feet
Moment I Count
What Goes Around Comes Around
Dig The New Breed
Easy Action
Kick It Out
Dress Like An Angel

Got some more pictures on Flickr, so check that out. ^_^

Author: Linda

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5 thoughts on “Boom Boom Satellites in New York x2

  1. I found out they actually sold merchandise right near the entrance. But, it was so hard to see! They had tote bags and CDs. Bad placement….

    Oh yeah, they did 2 OPs for Xam’d. The first season’s OP was “Shut Up & Explode”. The second season’s OP was the aforementioned “Back On My Feet”.

    Only “Dig The New Breed” is non-studio. The rest are in albums.

    Glad to see you had fun! I was the only one wearing noticeable BBS merchandise sadly. 😛

  2. Oh snag.. shucks.. will have to go back and edit that then. Since I am very unfamiliar with their music, can only rely on your observations as a fan. Waiting for your write up, if you are going to do a write up then. ^_^ Thanks for the catch!

  3. A website just got released to support their US tour at

    There are some live tracks from some of their previous (JP) shows available for free download.

    There are also some vids available for viewing to check out some of their mad shows.

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