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Yoshiki at San Diego Comic Con: Panel Video Highlights

Here’s a highlights reel of the Yoshiki/Stan Lee/Todd McFarlane “Blood Red Dragon” panel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con! Yoshiki, the leader/drummer/pianist of X Japan and one of Japan’s most influential rock musicians, was on hand to help introduce the new comic book “Blood Red Dragon,” where he plays himself as a superhero against a demonic realm. The comic is a collaboration between him and Marvel impresario Stan Lee, who seems to be endorsing everything these days.

It’s published by Todd McFarlane’s Image Comics and its preview issue—which everyone at the panel received—included a music chip that plays a 30 second piece written by Yoshiki for the comic.

For more Yoshiki goodness, check out the liveblog of this panel I did onsite, along with the impressive photo gallery below! (Photos by our very own Jeremy.)

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