VAMPS at Otakon 2009

VAMPS, the new project of HYDE and K.A.Z., had previously advertised a show at SONAR the day before Otakon. “Going to Otakon? Come early!” their ads urged. While at the time this struck several Anime Diet staff members as a clever bit of juxtaposition involving a shared demographic, we had yet to truly appreciate the lengths to which VAMPS would go to secure an American fanbase. Now Otakon has released more guest news, and VAMPS is putting in an appearance there as well.

Jim Vowles, Otakon’s head of Guests, Industry, and Press Relations,  commented, “I guess we must have made a good impression on HYDE a few years ago.  We’re delighted and flattered that they changed plans to
meet the fans.” HYDE previously appeared with L’Arc~en~Ciel at Otakon 2004.

As previously announced, Anime Diet will be covering Otakon 2009.  VAMPS will be at Otakon on Friday afternoon, with exact times and locations to be announced when their schedule is finalized.

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8 thoughts on “VAMPS at Otakon 2009

  1. Damn it. HYDE really just needs to get together with one of his projects or another and do a proper North American tour. I’m always missin’ these con gigs. 🙁

  2. Unfortunately, J-rock and J-pop bands have enough trouble attracting a strong (paying) audience away from the two coasts.  The cost of bringing acts to the US is considerable and you need enough fans in a region to sustain the show —  New York and LA simply have the numbers advantage and will almost always be on the tour stops; places like Houston, DC, Seattle, Chicago, and San Francisco have sizable Asian populations.  Baltimore is increasingly appearing on the tour map primarily because of Otakon.

  3. @Jvowles – Thanks for taking the time to stop by and reply! 

    I wonder, do you have any statistics on how much race matters when it comes to J-rock appreciation?  Sakura-Con, at least, seemed to think it was a nonissue, what with their infamous Girugamesh fan.

  4. @ajnac – Hyde alone is still awesome.  The very first question anyone asked him was “Do you like crabs?” and he started laughing. 

    [N.B. It was his question to the audience at the 2004 l’arc en ciel performance, of course.]

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