NYAF 2010 Mission: Get Chihara Minori autograph!

On Friday of October 8, 2010. I was on a mission to get Chihara Minori’s autograph.. so as a favor for Anime Diet’s own Ray. Chihara is apparently a very very popular seiyuu, a featured guest in this year’s NYAF. In my experience of other than hearing her voice in Saki as the very attractive Tōka Ryūmonbuchi, of which I had nothing official for her to sign, from that desperately second season needed anime. I decided very early on, that there are way too many other things to do while at the convention, and too many other seiyuus to fangirl for. I had to not display an interest, but fan boys totally go gaga over her, so here we go.

Prior to the convention, there was an announcement of three opportunities for autographs.. two are waiting on a line, and the other was to be the first 100 buyers at the Bandai Booth.  Now even with the VIP Chihara Experience package, that was quickly sold out at $150 for 200 fans. There was no guarantee autograph ticket, so one must “fight” then for the right to get her John Hancock.

With  my experience of getting various con autographs.. I didn’t want to chance it, and the early bird gets the worm. I definitely needed to get there early. So, I started at the crack of dawn, woke up at around 5:00-ish after slapping the alarm clock twice. Got on the subway..and started my trek. I thought that Moy as being one of the earliest if not hardcore fanboys. He was at Jacob Javits around 4:30.. He did it twice again.. for Saturday.. so I know that he got four autographed tickets by the end of NYAF this year.

Minori Chihara Autograph ticket
Friday's Golden Ticket!

I was definitely happy with my one ticket. I also did have another ticket, from the Bandai booth, when I went off to purchase an official licensed good for Chihara to sign. Gave that to Starcreator. It was really strange, that there was absolutely no cds of Minorin in the Exhibition Room , that even Kinokuniya didn’t even have any. So I ended up with an exclusive NYAF T-Shirt, comparing with a choice between a DVD set of hers. Figure the T-shirt will be darn more special.

Minori Chihara T-shirt Autograph
Take a long look!

Since the autograph signing was in the middle of the late afternoon when I had panels, I requested my sister, and Eric M. Chu to go and get the autograph/photograph specifically. The shirt was definitely autographed, but unfortunately, there was no photo, because there was way too many fans, and it would take way too long for Chihara to sign. There is also an image of the back of the shirt on Anime Diet’s Flickr, so take a peek there if you’re interested.

Author: Linda

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5 thoughts on “NYAF 2010 Mission: Get Chihara Minori autograph!

  1. Minori was very hyper when Megumi and I interviewed her. I thought talking to her was lively compared to talking to Rika Ishikawa. We’re hoping to have video soon!

  2. animemiz, you rock. I who is about to die of excitement, solute you. Thank you for getting the autograph for me!

  3. @Ray Please thank Gendomike.. since he asked and I was in the area. So I totally stuck a foot in the mouth when I was talking with you the other day about it. >_< In fact this entire post is a foot in the mouth situation... that totally spoiled a surprise. You know that if I actually had Saki official goods. then I would have gotten that signed.. since I like her character in Saki. Just that when I finally heard her in person.. I was like huh.... so this is so and so. (sighs) Plus I don't know when can I get this over to Mike.. but defintely be aware.. that I am not letting my cat get near your shirt.. but if cat hair gets on it. T_T By the way.. transcript is done.. but right now waiting on photographs.

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