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Music Monday: Putting the Focus on Music Acts at Anime Boston

Anime Boston's Mascots and there's a third one as well. Isn't this cool though?

I will be heading to Anime Boston this upcoming weekend, and their convention this year is on Music. So what better way to put a focus on a convention and their music guests? This is a listing of the Japanese or Japanese inspired acts that is playing this weekend.

Mari Iijima: the lovely voice of Lynn Minmay from the original Macross in the 1980’s. Sad to say that Macross was her only anime, but Iijima is still a fantastic voice. She is a very accomplished singer, still producing music, and who has entered her music for award consideration for the Grammy. She has settled into living in North America, and her website is here, where she blogs, and share news of her music.

Stereopony: a three member female band from Okinawa. If you are fans of Darker Than Black, Bleach or Tegami Bachi Reverse, then this is the fantastic group that had provided openings and endings for the anime. This is their second appearance in the United States, since they have previously appeared at Anime Next the previous year.

girugamesh: Fans of metal rock and visual kei, be ready to scream real loud! Anime Boston is girugamesh first American stop this year, as they have kicked off an East Coast City tour, with later concert dates planned in Philadelphia, Washington DC, and New York City. They have successfully performed at sold out venues in Europe, and Japan. This is not their first American appearance though.

Ten: As an alternative rock band, Ten has relocated to New York, but is a rock band, with an instrument you definitely thought can’t be used in a rock setting, a koto or a Japanese classical string instrument.

Odaiko  New England: If you are interested in taiko drumming, then this is the group to see. Though they are a regional band, the music and instrument they play is definitely infused with the Japanese spirit!

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