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Comic Con 2010 Funimation Panel – Live Blog

See our last panel report from AX and the licensing bonanza.

6:01 PM – Funi and the anime industry: it’s not as bad as it looks. The bad economy is a big factor. After all, AX was huge…recall the “DON’T PANIC” theme from 2008. They are committed to continunig dubs.

6:04 PM – 51% of the anime audience is older than 25. But the biggest group online is 13-17 years old.

6:06 PM – Social media strategy on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc. Stats.

6:07 PM – Simulcasting. Including this season’s stuff. See their page. Also their Video on Demand from various cable providers.

6:09 PM – Antipiracy efforts. Just one lawyer and three staff? They go after the counterfeit goods, torrent links, streaming/download, direct link storage sites. Simulcasting.

6:10 PMMy Bride is a Mermaid (aka Seto no Hamayome). Trailer. I loved this show.

6:12 PMMaster of Martial Hearts (Zettai Shogeki). I like their ad: “I can has double moe cheezburger.”

6:15 PMCasshern Sins.

6:16 PMCorpse Princess (Shikabane-hime), which they had been streaming for a while. Finally coming to DVD release. Great for the zombie fans!

6:18 PMHetalia Axis Powers (to much squeeing). Finally coming out on September 14th on DVD. I always thought this show was an excuse to indulge as much national stereotyping as possible 🙂 They’re streaming it now. And that’s right–they hired their dub cast recently.

6:23 PMEden of the East (which I love dearly). Described as “Jason Bourne, the anime”–well, there are some similarities and one direct reference…See our interview with the creators here. Blu-Ray in September 25th. The dub voice for Juiz is actually pretty good.

6;25 PM – Contest winner for the “Fullmetal Free Ride” video contest. It’s to show how big of a FMA: Brotherhood fan you are. They’re bringing the winner, Megan Hewlett, up to show the video. Funi apparently taped the reaction shot of them telling them they won.

6:32 PMAlien vs Ninja from Sushi Typhoon, their live action Japanese cult film imprint. Also includes Mutant Girls Squad. They’re introducing the Japanese producer of these movies. They have a panel later tonight at 8:15 PM, with full screenings tomorrow night.

6:37 PM – AX Announcements: Geneon rescues: Technolyze, Ai Yori Aoshi, Armitage III, Haibane Renmei, Hellsing TV, Serial Experiments: Lain, the entire Tenchi franchise.

6:38 PMDarker than Black s2. Shana S2. Railgun and Index. Black Lagoon OVA. Hellsing Ultimate V-VIITrigun movie.

6:41 PM – Q&A section. That’ll be it for me today.

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