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Mike’s AX Schedule

This is how I’m pimpin’ this website at the con, yo. Custom business cards FTW!

Well, the Con is upon us as of tomorrow! These are the events I plan to attend, most of them as an Anime Souffle Platoon Leader (ie, I will have a Souffle armband and there will be a gaggle of disciples club members who might be following me). I won’t be able to attend most of Friday, as I still actually have class…fortunately, the last class of the two week intensive course.




I will be at church in the morning, so only afternoon and evening events for this day.


Look for me dressed as Kyon (sorta–no school patch, alas), and with an Anime Souffle armband. Our club’s logo is like this:

And that’s it. Next time I post will be on the floor of the con. See you there!

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