Ultimate Posers at Anime Vegas (The Best!)

There were a great many posers at Anime Vegas: check out the standout ULTIMATE POSERS!!!!

Author: shika

9 thoughts on “Ultimate Posers at Anime Vegas (The Best!)

  1. Great pics, must have been a blast. I dont think Robin counts as Anime, but I wish I saw D there. Thanks to my awesome roomie, I am now a die-hard fan of animediet.net. Matter of fact, Im going to tattoo your logo on my lower back! I am expecting residuals so I will forward you my paypal information once I get it ;P

    1. You are being held to this! I’ll take the pics 😀 Heck, I’ll even pay for the tattoo though there is no way you’re getting residuals unless you bring funds in to begin with!

      As for Robin (and any other “non anime” characters); I have my reasoning (as usual)…

      *”anime” is short for “animation”. All animations are called anime in Japan. (So I’ve heard, and I’ve never found anything to lead me to believe different.)

      *I’m not only a fan of Japanese Animation, I also like American Comics. (From the Batman series, my favorite is obv. Harley Quinn, hence why in the last post I made there’s a whole lot of her.)

      *All the pics were taken at an Anime Convention. So… NEEEE!!!!!!!! 😀

  2. Stolen shots? Hah, no. Not even.
    I think it’s pretty evident these were from me, considering I’m one of the few daring enough to post pictures taken from their cell phone.
    *was also careful to ask permission* So… nah.
    (Note… is this person spam? *prods their name* “Cheap Stock Images.” Don’t want to assume, though… it would be a good assumption.)

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