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You’re all crazy Motherfuckers and that’s why we love ya!

Bwa hahahahaha! This is Ray, who’s crazy about being hot blooded and being on the honorary Gurren Lagaan team at the moment! Man, I maybe drunk but I can’t help but praise y’all! For 3 short years, we have people who write comments to us, people who heart us back, and recently, even someone who is going to tatoo our mascot on his lower back!

For the last one, we love you regardless if you do it or not. We also appreciate people who compared us with a habit that nobody can’t shake off. Damn, we’re nothing, and yet it is you guys who make us everything. We may be small (yes, we get roughly 1000 visits and less per day) but we’re proud. Not because we’re that great, but because you tell us that we’re something special. Jesus, I (Ray) never imagined that we’d get so many good people onboard! We were just two, three little guys talking about a niche hobby!

At the end of the day, we’re nobodies and you know it. It doesn’t matter who we talk to or interview, we’ll never make it big on youtube or anything, but we know that you’re out there. We’ll never register on the richter scale, but we feel your impact. Heh.

If anyone wonders where Ray is, he’s struggling in Asia trying to find one decent job. But no worries, with your support, he’ll live. He hopes. And Anime Diet will be here. Regardless of the circumstances.

Yes, a donation is nice. But your good wishes and hopes will carry us that much further. So it’s time to celebrate! May Anime Diet go on many more years!

(Yes, Ray’s emotional after reading recent comments in the comments section. Feel free to laugh!)

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