Wow it’s CANDY BOY!

From ANN

Candy Boy Net Anime to Continue Online with 7 Episodes 

…official website of the Candy Boy original net animation…have been greenlit for production…

Ray’s take: Gosh, I thought this would be a title with yaoi up the wazoo, but it’s about a boy confessing to one of the 2 sisters. Oh well. But you can be sure that I won’t be wearing a shirt that says “Candy Boy” anywhere in the world. I do recommend everyone of you gentlemen wear that shirt to the “Blue Oyster Bar” or any number of similar establishments. I’m sure you’ll  receive enough attentions from all over.

1 thought on “Wow it’s CANDY BOY!

  1. I take it you haven’t checked out the first episode yet… Actually to correct you,it’s about about the romance between two girls. The first episode is quite cute and a good way to spend 8 minutes. ANN says they’re twins, which I don’t remember in the anime, but twincest makes it even better. ^_^

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