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Why can’t they have a robot duel to decide the president/prime minister, like what they used to do for Kings? XD

From ANN

Taiwanese Politician Campaigns on Mazinger Z Float 

A candidate for the Taiwanese legislature is campaigning from a custom-built float shaped as a giant Mazinger Z robot…His truck-converted Mazinger Z float carries Taiwanese flags in its “fists” and also plays theme songs from the Mazinger Z anime series. Just as in the anime, Liu’s float is “piloted” from the robot’s head, which doubles as the cockpit…

Ray’s take: Nah, that’s too old. Be a tiny more updated and play Kido Senshi Gundamu! KIDO SENSHI~GUNDAMU~GUNDAMU! Rocket punch? That doesn’t stack against beam sabers. Chest beam? Try beam rifle. Oh, and a Gundam is piloted by a New Type, beat that!

I’d vote for Amuro Ray…Actually, I’d rather vote for  Murrue Ramius (Mitsuishi Kotono) from Gundam Seed for president. About time we get a good looking woman running the real ship! The Nation of Otaku (at least the Diet 3) approves!

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