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Why Azumanga Daioh is Funnier than Lucky Star

Azumanga Daioh

After watching a whole batch of Azumanga episodes this weekend–and finding myself unable to stop–I think I finally figured out why, despite their structural similarities, it’s a whole lot funnier (to me) than Lucky Star. All the caveats that apply when analyzing humor of course are in full effect.

To be fair: I do think I like the second episode of Lucky Star a little bit better than the first one. I still find Kona amusing, as well as the cynical idol in the closing sections–though I hope the writers can find a way to make the characters more memorable. Azumanga Daioh did not immediately grab me on first viewing either, though I definitely found it instantly funny on a deeper level; however, it took the time to make the characters not only distinct, but lovable, to the point where I was shedding bittersweet tears at the series’ conclusion.

A comedy that is able to do that without angst or drama is quite briliant indeed, and if Lucky Star intends to follow in that tradition (as it seems to be), it’s got some ways to go.

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