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What? Claymore is taken by Funimation? How’s Clare going to fare against Goku?

From ANN

Funimation Licenses Claymore Anime Series (Update 2)

…has announced its license of the Claymore anime series at noon CST today [15th]…

Ray’s take:  Having read comments that Funimation releases high quality DVD these days I’m actually looking forward to their effort. I’m a big Claymore fan and I sincerely hope they do an excellent job with this one. This show has been huge with the English speaking blogger fans and I think it deserves a great release. I was hoping Bandai would pick it up but that’s moot now. I think if Funimation does a bad job our very own Jeremy would definitely awaken and possibly become an Abyssal One/Dweller of the Deep…I wonder what he would look like if he were to awaken…

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