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What, are they pulling Section 9 off the case?

From ANN

Japan Aims for Copyright-Relaxed ‘Special Cyber Zones

…is aiming to establish “special cyber zones”…Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda’s Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters proposed a…

Ray’s take: All right, curse me for being lazy but I know very little about special economic zones and I ain’t gonna look it up. All I know is that this sounds like another idea that’s going to be taken over by few Japanese and maybe American conglomerates. No good for me. I like Fukuda’s idea (what, good idea from someone who’s not a cutting-edge animation download specialist) better.

Oh wait, Section 9 is going to have monitoring and cyber assassination duties, I guess, for music/movie/anime spies and grand theft anime crimes in cyber space. They’ll never be off the case, so be warned…

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