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We’re actually FEATURED?


It is with much pleasure and honor to mention that we are the Featured Blog of the Week on AnimeBlips. I would like to thank everyone on the staff for its hard work and…


Oh, oh…sorry about that guys. But I was having one of my writing academic-like crap moment.

Here’s the real story: I think it was a couple of weeks back, when Mike, our Fearless Dictator editor-in-chief (I’m often tempted to call him editor-in-chef because he can cook now) informed us that we were asked by Robyn74 from AnimeBlips to submit some answers to some questions. You can see them in the Featured Blog profile. Knowing not much about AnimeBlips (read: absolutely jacksquat), I kind of checked it out. But in any event, 4 out of 5 of our staff submitted some answers and I thought that was that.

I think it was Monday when our very own Third Child Mike said that we were featured and so he violently demanded gently asked us to put up something. “Anything, anything, please! You lazy %$@#$#$@#$ My good men!” Thus, I began pulling articles out of my ass a meticulous process of crafting fascinating comments on news, brilliant thoughts as well as colorful insights (some of which involve mentioning my tool, and no, you cannot find it in Mr. Anderson’s tool shed), all for the sake of getting the maximum readership during this oh-so-crucial week.

The point? Please vote for us here at the upper right hand corner next to the title Featured Blog of the Week: Anime Diet. As you can see, we got one vote. One VOTE! ONE vote? Yes, ONE VOTE! I mean, geez guys, and here I thought we have at least 50 readers and 50 podcast listeners! What is going on here, our little Otaku world?

Uh-oh, here he comes…I see him now…

Doom! Doom! Doom! Doom! “Zetsuboshita (I’m in despair)! I’m in despair at Ray’s blatant marketing technique by linking to the Featured Blog of the Week: Anime Diet hyperlink 5 times in the same article!”

And yeah, that’s my story here folks. So vote or comment for us to show some support!

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