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Today’s “Olds” commentary (harhar); Charlie’s Angel X the Force X SLJ

From ANN

Lucy Liu, Mark Hamill Join Afro Samurai: Resurrection (Updated)

Lucy Liu (Charlie’s Angels, Kill Bill) and Mark Hamill (Star Wars) have joined the cast of Afro Samurai: Resurrection

Ray’s take: The reason it’s not news and the title for this commentary is not even remotely funny is because I haven’t found anything interesting in the news to write about! In any event, so Mark Hamill gets another roles somewhere! Finally! The Force has come to his rescue and it’s time to hit on an Angel rather than your own sister! Yuck that’s gross. Anyway, I guess the word “resurrection” is great to use to Ninja and Samurai anime because it simply sounds good…

If you’re a Lucy Liu fan (most Asian’s I know aren’t), well..

Man, my commentary sucked ass. MOVING ON…

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