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Thumbs up for another Marmalade Boy-ish drama

From ANN –

Marmalade Boy’s Yoshizumi Launches Chitose etc. Manga

This year’s 18th issue of Shueisha‘s Margaret shōjo magazine announced on August 20 that Marmalade Boy creator Wataru Yoshizumi will launch her new Chitose etc. manga in the next issue on September 5. The story centers on a girl named Chitose who lives on the southern Japanese island of Okinawa…

Mike‘s Take: Yay! Go Marmalade Boy part two! Sugoi sugoi sugoi! I wanna be immersed in the thrill of teen soap again! It’s been so long since I got excited for improbable anime teen soap! Yada! Yada! Yada!

Ray’s Take: uh…Actually, now I don’t feel anything since watching that was long ago. I just need more T&A! But hey Mike, maybe not only this but Mizuho sensei will come back! Hold your breath!

(Yeah, Marmalade Boy does bring back some memories for both of us…Don’t get the wrong ideas, fujoshi!)

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