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Them Bones

Bones is the best studio of all time.

Yeah, that is some big hyperbole, but I do think Bones is a great studio. I recently purchased Eureka Seven and remembered why it was my favorite show. It starts off as a vanilla anime with surfing robots but turns serious in a heartbeat. Most shows do not actually talk about the fact that they are killing people, so when they do broach the subject the main character freaks the hell out.

The animation from this studio is identifiable and I do like a lot. Comparing Xam’d, Mars Daybreak, and Eureka Seven, you see that the design is very similar. They produce animation that is easy on the eyes and adapts well to both badass fighting and really cutesy stuff. I have started to look forward to Bones’ work just to enjoy the artwork.

There is no other studio that I care about in this way. I am much more likely to buy something produced by Bones than anyone else. Now they do not make gold all the time–Mars Daybreak is pretty weak overall. But it was not something I regret buying on sale. I think this is the power of a great story teller, that when they make a story they create fans that sit up and listen. They instill in others the desire to know and hear what happens next. Oftentimes shows like 24 only capture this with cliff hangers, while Bones can do it with a well crafted story. I also think Bones makes less filler then other shows. That is probably a biased statement, but I am ok with that.

What studios have made a big impact on you? Is it art that captures your attention? The storytelling that keeps pace with your interests? Is it the ability to tell a story with just the right touch?

PS You should watch Eureka Seven all the way through.

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