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The Spring Review, part II

Lucky Star – Hirano Aya pick up! I’ll never understand why some of our loyal readers don’t think she’s cute or any good at voice acting, but oh well. I think she does an excellent job here – I mean, I think she carries the whole show almost by herself. But hey, Luck Star isn’t a character driven anime, it’s an Otaku humor and reference driven anime. It’s really nothing like Azumanga Daioh (where people worked together as a team to present us with the funnies), or School Rumble (where there are plots and something way outrageous happening all the time). But it stands on its own, especially when Hirano Aya does something to start a sequence.

Cazador, eps 7 (yes, I got lazy): and is it possible…(gasp!) that I found action in this eps? Yes you bet your ass Scott I did! Hoy shit, there was one sequence where a gun was used and there were two people dueling! Unfortunately, this didn’t involve Nadi, Ellis, or any girls. This was the “Lone Wolf and Cub” guy fighting the sicko bishonen. Yawn. And it was short and choppy, just like Madlax. I was impressed that the “Lone Wolf” guy can subdue that monster of a bishonen, but the action is too short for me. I got this strange feeling that Nadi’s going to power up and we shall have a lot of action later. Who knows?

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