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The History of Apple Computer (ca 1984)–Manga Style!

As an Apple fan–every single podcast and video on this site was created on a Mac, and were it not so easy I’d never have started–it tickled me to see that there were some Apple fans in Japan too, back in the day when the Apple II ruled the market and the Mac was just around the corner:

Woz and Jobs--when they had hair

You can read many more pages (in Japanese) here–can anyone translate? I also seem to remember an anime from long ago, circa mid 1990s I think, that depicted the Apple/PC war at the time, with an animated Bill Gates as the villain. Anyone remember that? That was, of course, when Apple had nearly gone bankrupt and looked like it was about to die. Those days are long gone.

HT to Protaku and Boing Boing for the site.

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