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The difference between shojo anime and shori anime (and YES, I made up that second term)


Am I bored again? You bet yer ass I’m! So as I promised to y’all before (yeah, like anyone gives a damn), I’ll differentiate shojo anime and these catered to men.

Things about shojo anime that makes them shojo:

Now for shori anime:

I’m open to debate.

Note: There may be exceptions but these days, a lot of anime are trying to earn money from both sides: example: Gundam Wing (the 5 boys), Gundam Seed/Seed Destiny (these are mecha shows but they have enough bishonens in them). And an ’80’s example – (gasp!) Saint Seiya! Japanese girls lined up to get the merchandise from it when they’re released to the market.

Side note: it seems like most people visiting this site are either long time anime watchers or recent watchers. Interesting…

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