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Sure, sure, all Japanese murderers are Otaku!

From ANN

Japan’s Murder Suspect Says He’s a Precure, Kitaro Fan

…man accused of dumping the body of a neighbor’s daughter in September is a self-professed anime fan who has said he likes…”music appreciation, reading, and karaoke” as his interests…

Ray’s take: This is great. Yeah, so like, murderers whom aren’t self-professed Otaku probably don’t get much press at all. After all, they’re not the same freaks in Akiba that ippanjin love to pick on! Right? Oh and, why the fuck does anyone care about his interests? Oh I know, program a new game show call “Know Your Murderer!” and list all the personal stats including height, weight, shoe size, favorite food, favorite music, likes and dislikes and all! Hell, if the murderer is a girl, why not have the typical dating sim stats buddy of the main guy show up? Or in this case, a BL murderer in jail! Oh wait, they already have that for BL!

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