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Speed Racer – a film adaptation by Larry and Andy.

(Thanks to ANN for finding the trailers online)

Live-Action Speed Racer Film’s Full Trailer Posted

Ray’s take: All of the sudden, that doesn’t sound as cool now, does it? It seems to play up the hokey factor on purpose but the trailer made the plot look so serious. Come on! With these Batman-4-5-6-7-8-to-infinite- style extravaganza, humor yourself a little. It’s like saying: “yeah, what the fuck. It’s Hollywood, let the cheese ultra-overflow thy cups and drown you in it.” Then again, it’s Hollywood. I guess give it a shot.  BTW, reading the first few comments in ANN forum concerning this issue is making me extremely and utterly hopeful about it.

Evil-Ray’s take: Hey! They forgot big boobs, giant explosions, and a bikini-girls with machine guns, I mean a bikini girl with a positronic rifle!

Ray: But they at least remembered to have the Kung Fu fighting!

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