Skinship with Joshidaisei. Part 2

The man who, past his youth, brings home a woman with breasts like the timbaru fruit, and for jealousy of her cannot sleep,–that is the cause of loss to the losing man (the gate to destruction). – Gautama Buddha, “Sutta Nipata (109)”

Ah, Chichino-san (乳乃さん), I mean Hibino-san (日々乃さん). Freudian slip…, my bad. Kamisama Dolls, a.k.a., Chichigami-sama Dolls (乳神様ドールズ). Anyway…

How old is Hibino-san? At least over 20, since she’s drinking beer at izakaya. Yes, 20 years old is when people can start drinking, smoking, and voting in Japan. So, she must be in her early 20s, the age range of the most nubile and fully fruitfully ripened!

Of course, the most ripened parts are undoubtedly her chichi (乳)/oppai (おっぱい). Nobody can dispute that! Even TYPE-MOON’s Takeuchi Takashi praises Hibino’s oppai! And even Nasu Kinoko, a Loli Utao fan, recently comes to discover Hibino’s charm by commenting, “Why’s Hibino-san so erotic?” Eroticism is about abundance and fertility! Her abundantness is the Brazilian level! In Japan, she’s really special, it’s extremely rare to find that overflowing life force unless you’re down in Brazil. Where did she steal the secret scroll of the Manyuu?

Besides her oppai, what makes her so erotic? Why’s this café au lait (hair color-wise) girl sooooo fine? Skin! Her skin tone is just divine! That skin, as fair as white peach, is only possible for girls around college years. A unique phase that girls go through. Joshikousei are too immature to have that skin (and oppai). Yes, theirs is young and beautiful, but still green, still has a childish quality in it. In turn, girls out of college for a long time, especially career women, have jukujo‘s skin. For sure jukujo’s is still sexy, but Hibino’s nubile skin is unrivaled!

(TYPE-)MOON cake to the fairest!

Ahh, the fairest skin I’ve ever seen! Just mesmerizing…the manifestation of joshidaisei! The most desirable for skinship! That’s the skin specifically designed for skinship! Beauty is said to be purposive without a purpose. But hers is purposive with a purpose, and skinship is the purpose! Yes, Hibino’s skin is the most skinshipable. Skinshipability excels.

Nancy Etcoff, a psychologist at Harvard University, says in her book Survival Of The Prettiest that female skin becomes the fairest when they’re the most fertile, i.e., during ovulation. So yes, fair skin is a sign of fertility! A coloring artist of Kamisama Dolls did a fantastic job! This person must be a genius! The pinpoint tone only university girls can have. I can’t believe an anime has accomplished such a magnificent job reconstructing the exact color of the skin of joshidaisei. Anime, banzai!

So, does this make me wish I went to a Japanese university? Of course, it surely does! I could have met my Hibino there. Now I’ve come to regret that I didn’t go to a Japanese university since I’ve long left Japan, missing out daigaku romance, as a daigakusei, such as having tea with a joshidaisei at cafe…which is completely missing in my life. Whenever I watch a Japanese TV show introducing date spots at universities in Tokyo and girls over there are so fair-looking, especially their skin, my heart gets filled with a sense of awe, “That’s what I’m talking about! 恐み恐み申す!

And Kayano Ai, Hibino’s seiyuu, has skin as fair as white peach as well! That makes her the most suitable for Hibino. Only attainable in the early 20s, exactly during university years! Peach is the sweetest when fully ripened. And peach is the symbol of immortality in China/Japan!

One more thing, besides chichi and skin, what makes her the fairest? Oshiri (derriere)!  In Mexico, when they praise it, they say, “Yours is like Mango!” But in Japan, “Yours is like Momo (peach)!” Yes, Momo-jiri (桃尻)! Shirino-san (尻乃さん), I mean Hibino-san (日々乃さん). Another Freudian slip, there you go again, hehe.

Oh, Hibino-san, my Peach Girl. Myself to the fairest, just like Super Mario to Princess Peach. We’re the Peach Boys! Peach makes us super! Übermensch indeed! Surely Momotarou was a Übermensch! I need to go to a grocery store and get some peach then!

(To be continued…)

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe

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    1. wwww。大きいおっぱい!巨乳!美乳!乳こそがこの世の理。豊乳は絶対!故に、日々乃さんは絶対!

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