Round the Sphere


The greatest manga ever and will ever be. Anyone who disagrees is wrong.

Isn’t it funny (not really) that constitutions never have to include specific rights for men? Excellent story.

Photographs and Japan make a sublime combination.

Play games and learn Japanese?

Or just cheat and put everything in this font.

And the best of the Sphere for 2012:

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Musings: Elitism, ‘bad taste,’ and backlash

Jesus Ovation

Excellent list at Anti-Social Geniuses

The Untold Story

Cafe Subculture


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  1. Paper.. that’s a very subjective statement you just made there about R.O.D. being the greatest manga… do you even read any other manga? Do I have to start a debate with you about other manga you should read before you go on a top 1-title thing with me?

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