R-15, No. 6, Kamisama Dolls, Nekogami, Mayo Chiki, Blade and Kamisama no Memocho

Hate cartoon tits? Well, here's more pussy, BOY!

Wahahahahaha! Now, let’s get ready to rumble!

R-15 – surprisingly fun, with a simple but solid plot line (yeah I know it’s for a harem show), enough fun character interactions and again, surprisingly decent relationship development. There is something at stake for the main character. Good porn (plot), good night.


NO. 6 – (the sound that you’re hearing is me throwing up). FUCK, BL SHOCK! Since I’ve never seen a BL show before, I was down on my knees and begging for that particular episode, where Nezumi practically raped the main character. I forgot how BL girls prefer one male forcing himself on the other! Hence the seme (attack) and uke (receive) formula! Oh God, oh God, I really didn’t know this was a BL show! My fragile little mind has been polluted, no!!!!! 6 thumbs down (if I had 6 arms like some Budha)!


Kamisama Dolls – whenever Ishikawa Chiaki does the OP for a show, you know it’s going to be about young men and women fighting with the aid of robots and the story is going to be sad. Bingo! And since she does the OP and the ED, I see bleak storyline ahead. The main male character and his childhood friend (no, not a girl) are totally going into war mode soon, and the protagonist’s little sister will suffer greatly, I predict.

And the Miyuki character is run-of-the-mill typical and silly. Just a worthless drag on the pace of the entire show. Just die already.


Nekogami – well, spunky goddess seems to be Tomatsu Haruka’s speciality. So here, she plays the Cat Goddess. Got a ‘tude and not afraid to show it. Seems pretty useless until when it counts. Having Horie Yui as the other female lead helps tremendously. The show is slow paced, so don’t expect a ton of excitement. But do let the little heart warming parts make you smile.


Mayo Chiki – LaMoe, a stuff member is writing about it with his special blend of Otaku / NEET / Hikkikomori persona, so go read his entry. Suffice to say, enough fun, somewhat bland, but kitten panties in episode one makes me wanna see Subaru break down into a girl more!


Blade – Yes, yes, I promise I will catch up on this so I can talk about with a co-worker as well as a friend back on the East Coast. But with Mad House animation, you know it can’t go very wrong. As for the story…Hey, I’m an Otaku, not a comic nerd. I can only say it looks decent.


Kamisama no Memocho – I really wish they began as the novel did. It makes everything that much more poignant and (small but powerful) earth shaking. The show has intrigues, intelligence, and…yes, Alice the medium level loli NEET / Hikkikomori detective. Also go read LaMoe’s entry for more in depth thought on it. But it’s a worthy watch just for the vibrant and unique characters…Except for Alice, the focus. I’m sorry, but Okura Yui’s voice acting is simply bland.


Dandalion – eh.




Author: Ray

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  1. Hahaha, yeah, osananajimi is typically a potential oreno-yome. Kamisama Doll has too many distractions such as Hibino. My mind is totally fixated on hers. I can’t get my mind off hers. Hers is too explosive that I almost miss the plot.

    Johny Cash gives a thumbs down to Dandalion!

  2. Wow…Hibino-chan…wow…these full and wonderful biggies are simply a dream to behold…That’s why in 2D world, I can both find lolis cute and fully grown ones irresistable. In real life, I’m not allowed to think about either.

    And Jesus gives a thumbs down to Dandalion!

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