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Penguin Drum 1 to 5 – F^&king dysfunctional

I puked mentally.

All right, managed to watch all five episodes that are out…and I feel sick and tired because of it. And today is actually Sunday!

Totally sickening and never tries to even remotely please the real Otaku audience that would actually buy something that actually cater to them (hey, studios need to make money). EPIC FAIL.

Plot? Sure, why not? Emotion (-al TRAUMA)? Sure, why not? Forced Dysfunctional wake up call? WHO THE F@!KING HELL TOLD YOU DO MAKE IT???

terrible, sickening dysfunctional stuff that reeks Arakawa, Tatami Galaxy, NHK, Fooly Cooly, and all other mind-rape junk that doesn’t please. DAMN RIGHT PANDERING IS RIGHTEOUS! IT’S ANIME, NOT ART HOUSE! If I want some f’ing sarcasm and other dystropia depictions and whatnot, I can always watch something else. If I have to be reminded to problems in life without the sugarcoat, then I can JUST WATCH THE NEWS. Or being alive in the real world…OH GEE, I’m already doing that!

I can’t watch such scathing dysfunctional-dystropia and enjoy it. And I thought I was sarcastic and acidic but man, this stuff…

This is a mind-rape that doesn’t please. I know why I don’t like most shows that certain people like – they hate to be pleased the right way; they’d rather bath in psychobubble and spout psychobabble. The right way to please is ESCAPE FROM REALITY IN EVERY WAY, SHAPE AND FORM POSSIBLE WITHOUT TOO MUCH HINT OF IT. You want the truth? Why not just watch TV news instead??? Why bother watching anime?

This show is heavy and no fun at all. Simply atrocious for those of us who actually know that anime shows are mean to escape, not thinly disguised under some fake premise of an escape route.

Bottomline? A gigantic F for F%^K It.

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