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Oohoo, my first flammer! Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!

Wow, finally I got flamed! Woohoo! Finally, some dumb loser who can’t spell and defend that by saying: “btw my grammer and spelling suck so i dont need any1 to tell me cuz not every1’s first language is english especially when every1 here is watching japanese anime and i dont feel like spell checking.” — GreedoShotFirst

Let’s back up a little bit. Last year I did some reviews for El Cazador and my clearly intended for humor reviews were sharp and unreserved, to say at least. Those of you who understand my style know that. Most people that saw my reviews seemed to agree with me (correct me if you’re not one of the most people). But anyway, one year later, when I was wondering why is it that Mike got flamed for something trivial but I never got any, well, today, I finally received two in a row!

This guy, GreedoShotFirst, seemed to have some good points, “Every1 has good points about this show but i must say that i 100% agree with the 1st comment. “Sorry but I think you didn’t get the spirit of this episode, not to mention the entire anime”, and also “But my fav of all is the soundtrack it fits perfect for this anime during each scene it sets the mood and also flows with the anime itself. I liked how this anime differed from the other 2 it rly takes a new light into the “guns with girls” scheme. On the other hand main character development could of done a lot better.”

Those were solid points and I was preparing to respond in kind and answer his arguments in a rational and intelligent manner, when he came with this:

“man the more reviews i read from you the more worthless i think of you. We got rambo/Drew Carey doing these reviews. Nothing but an action whore and worthless comedian.”

Well (not caring much for Rambo and Drew Carey), for anyone who starts a comment with that, how could I resist striking him down with vegeance? So I had my own nasty, Johannes Krauser II-style comments ready, when he came up with that golden quote in the first paragraph of this article.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit, for 12 years I didn’t know English well because I didn’t become a English speaker until later. So I can understand that not everyone’s first language is English, and that’s fine. Also, because this is a blog and not technically an online Multimedia magazine like we want to believe, we honestly don’t care much about anyone’s grammar and spelling here (only Mike does). But, this guy, GreedoShotFirst, wrote something inflammatory, and then as a clear gesture of cowardice, left his email as, which is clearly not a real address, came back and started explaining why I or anyone really should care about his comments, which ended up with “the more worthless i think of you” as the starting point, with “btw my grammer and spelling suck so i dont need any1 to tell me.”

That’s pure gold. I tend to say if you don’t know that this is a English-only blog site with shock-jock (very, very, very minor shock jock) humors and you can’t really read or write English well, at least come up with intelligent comments without attacking someone personally in the comments section, as somebody did to one of our other writers.

Now yeah, once again, GreedoShotFirst had some great comments and I’ll admit that he had a few good points. For anyone who doesn’t realize that I was poking fun at the show mercilessly, he or she may get extremely angry. But it seems like he knew, “…We got rambo/Drew Carey doing these reviews. Nothing but an action whore and worthless comedian.

Well, some of you probably will think or even say: “Let it go.” Others: “You’re a troll/asshole/etc.” Even more others will say: “You should take it in and don’t say a thing about it.” And many other comments that will support this guy, but see, that ain’t my style. We (not just I) are providing free service here for your entertainment. If you’re not entertained, then I say: “Well, look here sir, like I give a shit what your think of me anyway.”

But you know, it does irritates a little so I just have to write this article for my own entertainment. After all, the first person that got a real flame was the nicest guy on the site, Mike, and not me, and this flame is long, long overdue. I’ve already commented back properly to GreedoShotFirst, who probably ran off without seeing my replies knowing his pride and self esteem and will get publicly raped by Krauser II, so as for my personal enjoyment, I will leave this great and glorious day with this:

Ray AKA Krauser III – shut the fuck up and who gives a good god damn about a pig slut like you anyway, you cowardly sack of shit! Don’t make me go public rape on you after smashing your head with the Guitar of Cruelty! Then I’ll make a French Dip Sandwich with your blood and guts! Gwahahahahahahahhaha!

Have a nice night, everyone, and thank you, GreedoShotFirst, for your kindly concerns. Good night.

[Disclaimer – the above comedy bits are inspired by Detroit Metal City and do not in anyway, shape, or form represent real life behaviors, actions, and events. The views of Raymond Hu do not necessarily represent the view of Anime Diet, its affiliates, and anyone else involved. Thank you.]

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