Krauser III – as you motherfuckers may know, one group of people that I’d love to maim and torture and put on display as freaks are people who program spam bots. Recently, one of my minions found another trick, which I guess is already well-known around the blogosphere, but just in case you haven’t seen it,


Notice “Ryan A #2”, probably a bot, whose programmer’s gut I’d like to eat (I’m awakened from hell after all), copied the comment of the real Ryan A, and then added: “P.S. Sorry, forget to tell you great post!”

It’s a different email and site address, however.

All I have to say is this: I will eat your guts and rape everyone in your family and put them on display at my next concert! Grease your assholes and be prepared!


  1. i dont get it, why did the spammer just copy the same post?

    i through spammers always try to sell stuff…

    *pardon my ignorance, i dont run a blog :P*

    1. @ bobofet – That’s all right.
      Well, in this case, perhaps these idiots think people would have forgotten what the real commentator’s address was and click on the spam address? Who knows?

  2. aah fair enough….stupid spammers…one of the yahoo accounts i had got so spammed i had to drop it…there were email with dates in the year 2038 which means they are always at the top of my email 🙁

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