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My thoughts on El Cazador 23 and 24 + thoughts on Yuri fan ____s.

In recent days this show has gotten better. I wouldn’t say it has completely redeemed itself, but yes, even I have to agree that it has gotten better.

For anyone who stuck around hoping to see more action (heh heh between Nadie and Elis AT NIGHT heh heh), well, there hasn’t been much of action since about 14 episodes back when they got into that armored winnebago and the minions from the Witches’ Council came and tried to take them down.

For anyone who stuck around to see plot development, well, that’s actually going somewhere (I mean, duh for Beetrain, it’s like, the last 4 episodes, they better get the development going!)

In any case, once Rosenberg and Jody explain it all, everything becomes quite clear – Rosenberg’s purpose all along has been trying to awaken the power inside Elis, the successful creation of the Witch experiment, for his grand scheme of power…

Wait, doesn’t that elicit, a, I don’t know, big DUH from all of us? Come on! Admit it! At least in the plot development, there isn’t anything special that separates it from the crowd. Out of the Girls with Guns Triology, I know Noir’s plot wasn’t superior either, but it was the first of the 3 and it was extremely stylish and very unique in its presentation. Madlax was a huge let down and it’s supernatural plot was far fetched.

El Cazador has to be most drawn out show among the 3 – I’m surprised it’s actually going to be played for 26 full episodes and not cut short or anything (wasn’t Madlax 25 episodes?), and I haven’t seem any real animation degrading issues. I really don’t know why.

Maybe it’s because of the Yuri fan…girls???!!!

I’ve come to appreciate and understand thoughts of yuri fan girls and how they view the male favorites such as Strawberry Panic, Mai Hime, and others. I will haphazard a guess then:

El Cazador, especially the relationship among the women, and most definitely the relationship between Nadie and Elis, is like mind candy for the yuri fangirls.

As a fanboy of yuri, this show obviously doesn’t do it for me. I trust I don’t have to explain that. 🙂 But Strawberry Panic does. Again, I trust I don’t have to explain that.

I will be blunt (uh-oh) about what I think of Yuri in El Cazador – it’s, frankly, kind of sweet but absolutely boring and not very beautiful for me.

I can appreciate the yuri in strawberry panic because it’s almost like explained to fanboys (me). But for fangirls, it’s probably way, way, way too blunt. My heart raced watching Shizuma almost goes all the way with Nagisa, and I actually like seeing the blond choir girl with Amane senpai, and how the choir girl is very shy, cute, and sweet and fragile, and I even sighed in frustration with Ya-Ya chan.

Notice something in my description? I remember the names of the most suggestive pairing, Shizuma and Nagisa, that yes-I-wanna-do-it-with-you-but-I-can’t-because-of-my-past thing
, and I remember the name of the strong “woman”, who would ordinarily be the main guy character in a show, and I remember the most frustrated woman, Ya-Ya. But I have a tough time remembering the name of the love interest of Amane the strong “woman”.

See for men, it all has to “stick” (don’t you go there) in order for them to be interested. Now I’m sure many fanboys liked the blond choir girl, but for me, since she doesn’t appear to have much to say in most cases and she has her “man”, I lost interest. But if there are two pretty girls like Shizuma and Nagisa, then my interested is aroused (heh heh heh heheh I said aroused). Except Shizuma is pretty much man-like save the classic shojo female senpai’s big hair and that classy feminine talk. But she has big breasts and she and Nagisa are just so yuri-cute for me that I could almost squeal (yeah I know, a manly squeal – ugh).

Back to El Cazador. The love between Nadie and Elis is never that blunt, but they go out and talk often, does a lot of things together, and the care that Nadie has for Elis and vice versa just doesn’t seen so…friend like. Maybe because I’m American and paranoid about these things (which guy in the US isn’t? If there’s someone out there that’s that brave, he would probably be treated like gay. Gotta love that paranoia we have!). But after going for 24 episodes, I’ve come to terms that this final installment in the”Girls with Guns” Trilogy really doesn’t have anything to do with firearms, save a few shots fired. I knew it quite a few episodes back but I just didn’t want to accept it.

I’ll be blunt again. I think this final installment is aimed at Yuri fangirls.

I want to tell the Beetrain folks: save that crap about developing a relationship for 26 episodes; this is not a drama. Save that crap about we-don’t-want-to-be-known-as-the -studio-that-can-only-do-action; action is the best you guys can do. Save that crap about development takes a long, long time; enough shows can develop relationships within half or less the time this show requires.

But once again, it’s mind/fantasy candy for the yuri fangirls, because they can go back to every little moment between the two girls, and savor the tender care, small talks, and other tiny little things that women find intimate.

Most of us guys at most times would be falling asleep thinking about these things.

For yuri fangirls, in this case, these little things aren’t quite plain as your average close friendships.

It’s kind of odd how this review is turning out to be about my thoughts Yuri fangirls. But beyond that, my thoughts on this show, alas, hasn’t changed a bit. It’s too slow, has too little action for a show brandishing action shots for the OP and gunfire for the ED. It’s main characters are too incompetent and it’s plots are too obvious and sometimes cliched. Also, I really can’t stand the stupidity that Nadie exhibits way too often. I tossed my hands up when I saw the view of her dancing inside the sniper scope. What, she’s finally going back to her Incan/Mayan/Aztec/whatever roots? Has she been smoking crack?? Has her own stupidity finally elicited enough frustration from herself??? Yeah, I know she is trying to get that vulture and this part is meant to be funny, but adding that on top of her weaknesses making her a complete moron in my view.

But you know what? Perhaps her weakness and all the exaggerated incompetence is going to make her a yuri fangirl favorite.

Because at least some of the fangirls would see her as someone to be identified with. Because despite her weaknesses, she tries very hard to protect Elis and takes care of her.

Here’s one for the classic shojo fans. Her clumsiness is sometimes comparable to Sailor Moon’s clumsiness. Hence, I’m going to go so far and propose that she’s the modern Maho shojo heroine, or rather, both she and Elis are – with guns and real magic.

I don’t recommend this show except for those who really like it for whatever reasons. I know I won’t watch it again ever unless they have a 26 minute shoot out for one of the last two episodes. But we all know that isn’t going happen.

P.S. LA’s demise is very, very well done. That was the successful element that I forgot to point out.

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