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Muggings reported outside NYAF

Sept 28. New York City, NY, USA – It was reported that on their way leaving NYAF (New York Anime Festival) for the day, some Americans of anime fandom, were attacked by a group of backpack-ninjas armed with paper fans, black feathers and kitchen knives (which turned out to be plastic).

The innocent fans were in great shock as fat men dressed in black ninja suits, thick-rimmed glasses and backpacks “jumped out of nowhere,” and demanded footages of Rie Tanaka, a famous female Japanese voice-over (or seiyuu in the anime fandom), their press badges and VIP passes.

The fans, both males and females, refused to handover their exclusive items. At that point, the assailants apparently became frustrated and pulled out their deadly weapons of Ninjitsu trade, and started attacking the fans with paper fans.

“We though it was a very, very, very bad attempt at cosplaying that went out of hand,” said one fan who wished to be anonymous. “But they actually started swinging.”

Some of the fans fell back into their Karate Kid poses and tried to fight back with piercing screams ala Bruce Lee, to which the other fans groaned and held their forehead as they retreated from the scene.

One group of 3 female fans and 2 male fans assembled themselves and according to one eye witness, “started doing the Haruhi dance in hopes to confuse their assailants”, to which one of the assailants yelled out in heavy Japanese-accented English: “Wrong Seiyuu! Wrong Seiyuu! You no fan! You no fan!”

The police reported that nobody received serious injuries and they’re currently working around the clock and investigating the identities of the assailants, or “Otaku Ninjas”, as some witnesses have called them.

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