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M$&therF^&king Censorship.

H&ly sh#T! My f (beep)king kids are reading pictured p*rn! J%*us Ch%*st!

Oh my G*d! It’s girls’ pan#$s! It’s g#dd*&ned perverted!

It’s the M$&therF^&king __________________’s (insert your target to blame) fault for putting that sh*t there, let’s sue them! You h%&then sw&nes shall not corrupt my upright, righteous and h&ly boy!

Die, you infid&l! Die!

G&d, L&rd, J$sus Ch&*st!…

I’m just tired of all the blame game. Does anyone know what taking responsibility and discipline those under your care/command/government/etc means? Sigh…

H%ly M*ses.

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