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Moe Denpa forever!

From ANB

(From the Diet 3 Daily is more like it!)

Japan appoints Moe/Denpa/Otaku ambassador to the world.

Today, in the Japaense DIET, the 偽Prime Minister Taro Aso announces that because he loved Moe so much and the cute seiyuu women singing Denpa songs are so wonderful that he couldn’t get the songs out of his head, he decided to appoint Noto Mamiko and the girls at Mosaic.Wave as Japan’s ambassador to the world.

The rumor has it that Japan is reviving its ’80’s experiment of using electrowaves to manipulate people’s minds to make them into ultra samurai soldiers that will only obey the dark zombie emperor Meiji Oda Nobunaga, in order to take over the world once again, to success where they failed in the 1940’s military intervention and 1980’s economic intervention.

Our reporter is risking her life and her eligibility for Gundam piloting license to bring this scoop.

We have discovered that Kotoko is actually a figure head in the underground lab producing denpa songs in order to recruit Otakus all over the world to take over the governments of the major economic powers of the world in order to bring resources to the Dark Imperial Japanese Government.

More details are forth coming. We at the Diet 3 has already moved into Denpa song resistant shelters for good…

Ray’s take: Yes! Songs that may remotely qualify for Dadaism! Saigo!!!!

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