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Michael’s Official Winter 2008 Preview

So…what am I going to be watching next season? I’ve now done this exercise enough that I know the shows I often find interesting from the plot summaries are not necessarily the things I will actually blog about. But here’s what I find eye-catching for the moment. (Information taken primarily from hashihime’s brilliant and useful list. He serves the fan community very well.)

New Shows

Spice and Wolf
Based on an award-winning novel? Sign me up! The storyline vaguely reminds me of Scrapped Princess, though the last time I said something like that, about Sisters of Wellber…well, let’s just say I was not getting what I was expecting. We’ll see.

PERSONA: Trinity Soul
Well, I’ve already raved about the title before. But the story itself, about three brothers who use Guardian Forces Personas they summon to fight the undead, may be interesting if what people tell me about the religious and cultural background in the games is correct: well-researched, deep, and unconventional.

The plot summary on hashihime’s blog sounds really interesting: the idea of a last letter from a dead person reaching their loved ones? A reverse Death Note? The trailer gives just the right kind of atmosphere, too.

Ray’s covering this show for us already, so I won’t be blogging about it, but the premise is very, very intriguing, and it promises action as well as thoughtfulness. If they can equal Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex on that front they will have done extremely well. Though, honestly, I doubt it. Few can touch that series. But the trailer is genuinely intriguing.

Continuations from this season

Naturally. These are both good, solid shows with high entertainment value, and Clannad gives me things to write about. And Minami-ke is also the winner of this year’s Laugh Till You Die Award and so naturally, I’m not stopping!

Sequels/Second Seasons

I actually haven’t finished watching season 1, since it hasn’t even all been translated into English yet! But this too-original-perhaps-for-its-own-good show is one of the most fascinating things to come along in a while, and a very sly harem show to boot. After all–we’re talking about SHAFT, so we can dig it.

That’s pretty much it; and it’s very likely that I’m only going to be keeping up regularly with 3 at most, so we’ll see how the chips fall.

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