Krauser II VS. Liang Qi?

Seeing some kind of not-so-smooth and less-than-wonderful harmony between the two terrorists – Krauser II from Detroit Metal City (Detroit Metal City) and Liang Qi from the Snake (Canaan), the Diet 3 decided to host an invitation-only underground event underground Shibuya, where the two jammed live. Some “live footage” is below

Liang Qi kicking assKrauser II kicking ass

Liang Qi VS Krauser II Jamming!  [display_podcast]

Was Krauser II too slow? Nah, he was performing so fast that the footage could only record his residual finger movements. Liang, on the other hand, used her normal speed because she felt that was enough to catch up to Krauser’s rhythm. Crazy woman, eh?

Liang  VS Krauser: “Get some!” “Rape!” “Get some!” “Rape!” “Get some!” “Rape!” Both went warp speed, of course!

As the terrorists utter their words of destruction in harmony, the audience was thrilled into exploding.

Of course, Krauser won the battle and raped Liang. Of course, even though it did sound like Liang kept up pretty well.

5 thoughts on “Krauser II VS. Liang Qi?

  1. @ dood – Krauser san shall always win the day no matter if his opponent uses a wii controller or a vibrator! (It’s a wii controller in this case)

    @ Helvetica Bold – you’re welcome. That’s what we do I guess.

    @digitalboy – Yeah, only if I can do this shit better or having Rierie sing the words along but hey, it’s still pretty funny.

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