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Kelly Osborn (the daughter of Ozzie) is a moron in Japan.

I just saw an episode of Kelly Osborn in Japan and I felt that I was severely offended – they had her playing Lacus Clyne!

Not only was Ms Osborn fugly, disrespectful to the character and without understanding the cultural context, she got pissed and felt the activity made women into tramps.

I wonder why she bothered to go along with the cosplay activities including a photoshoot?

OK, so she’s daughter of Ozzie, so she’s supposed to be offensive, right? But hey, her dad bit off the head of a bat.

But this woman dressing up as Lacus Clyne? Disgusting, sickening, highly retarded, not to mention blasphemous and goddamn stupid.

Do not pick on aspect of other cultures without understanding it, especially the Otaku culture. This is why I fucking HATE normals. I wish they get the fucking hell out of Akiba permanently and do not be allowed to enter at all.

Hey, we poke fun at everybody’s culture here, INCLUDING OUR OWN but at the end of the day, we’re only joking.

But she wasn’t.

Just don’t fucking go along with the program if it feels wrong, stupid.

Not to mention she was fucking ugly in the costume.

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