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I think I heard Section 9 and Golgo 13 knocking on my door…

From ANN

Tokyo Anime Center Posts “Stop! Fan-Subtitle” Notice (Updated)

Ray’s take: yep, anytime it becomes a national issue, all of the sudden everyone cares, before it was just us stout otakus from many nations, gathering in our little corners of sanctuary, worshiping and believing in the power of Gundams and Evas, fighting for the right to stay geeky and unnoticed, and even laughed at, which we treated as badges of honor. There were many prosecutions and trials, but we waited for the light, and what did we get?

More fucking people. More fucking ippanjin (normals, commoners, whichever derogatory terms you want to use) who often say: “I download all my anime and never bought a single copy of anything.” It was good when it was just us, but thanks to that goddamned infidel Densha Otoko, all of the sudden we get assholes in Akiba looking at us like we’re caged animals for these idiots’ pleasure to see. These God damned assholes with their stuck up girlfriends and jock buddies don’t even pay the zookeeper! They just come and steal sights as well as snickers! We don’t want attention, we want these assholes to permanently get the living hell out of our Holy land, or else, we shall declare our jihad like in Akiba@Deep, and fight a happy war against these true infidels!

Please at least buy a set of your most favorite series, a thin pack, if you have to wait, but stop telling me about economic concerns, instead, tell that to the kids (read: creators and artists) that are starving in Japan. So you wanna be bad, just eat it…eat it…eat it…eaat it. Oh and…

Sieg Zeon!

Yes, moving on…

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