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Hirano Aya – BEAM!

From ANN & Sankaku Complex

Aya Hirano Ideal vs Actuality

…with the above comparison shot demonstrating that the reality differs…

Aya Hirano, Satomi Satou Play Roles in Dragon Ball Kai
…official website for the Dragon Ball Kai action anime series has announced on Monday that …

Ray’s Take: first, two Aya news commentary in one, second, Ayaaaaa – FOOOOORRRRRRRRREEEHHHHHEEEEAD BEAM!!! AYA – Foreheaddddd SMASH! Aya Energy Power Level – UP (say them like Noriko in Gunster)!

Look, this woman has been super stressed out since Haruhi days, and then receiving death threats right on Wiki, going to different events everyday (you do know in Japan, they tell you go, you go without a peep, right), stayed in a hospital, almost stalked…With that much stress and a naturally high hairline, what do you expect?

They actually like to give little girls that sort of hairstyle even without that type of hairline; Aya’s role is playing the little girl/the child-woman; what did you expect?

That said, she’s got a nice-shaped head, so let it go, guys.

Update: See Sankaku Complex version of Aya on DBZ Kai news and read the manga there. It’s perfect!

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