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Hatsune Miku and Negi (onion)

I will eat onion on Thanksgiving Day. But why onion? Because Hatsune Miku has an onion! But why does she hold the onion?

It is said that Hachune Miku (onion Miku) was created as an homage to Loituma Girl. Orihime of Bleach doing leekspin to Ievan Polkka, the traditional Finnish folk song. Sure, but what about at symbolic level? So, I googled and found several blogs claiming the answer is in The Brothers Karamazov!

In Book 7 Chapter 3, Grushenka, a business savvy voluptuous girl, finally meets Alexei Karamazov, a young monk, the youngest of the Karamazov brothers. She has long wanted to disrobe Alexei, just like some otaku fantasize undressing maid, sister, or miko. Girls with moetic costumes! Clearly she has a huge moe on Alexei. And then she tells a story of a sinful woman and an onion, referring to herself;

A sinful woman went to hell, but before she died, she did one good thing. She gave an onion to a homeless woman. So, God told an angel to dangle an onion in hell, so she could get pulled out from the lake of fire. Yet, when she grabbed the onion, the other sinners also tried to grab it. But she started to shake them off, claiming it was hers. Then, the onion broke, and she and the others all together fell in hell again. Thus, she lost her only chance to save herself.

The story is narrated by Grushenka, but it originally came from among the poor farmers (probably before farm slaves were emancipated in 1861. Coincidentally the same year, a war broke off in America over slavery.) So, to Russians, Miku must be very Russian.

Clearly, the sinful woman didn’t see the onion was open source. Hatsune Miku is everyone’s idol. Everyone’s friend is no one’s friend. So, when she fell in hell again, it’s pointless to blame, “I thought you were my friend.”

Nakajima Megumi is an angel with an onion too (or carrot of Ranka Lee). Her songs are the onion which makes my eyes tearful. That is True Tears by La’cryma. Lacrima (tear) in Latin, lagrima in Spanish. Soap Operas is called cebolleras (onion) in Spanish. So, onion is grace!

Ideally thanksgiving dish is potluck, or potlatch, the Northeastern Native American fest. The excess of food and gifts are shared by the community. Yes, that is the spirit of charity. Got nothing to share at potluck? Then, the rest of you can just rattle your onion!

Like Jesus multiplied the bread infinitely, Miku duplicates the onion infinitely. How could the sinful woman not know the onion was unlimited? Because of the limited resources, people are acting jerk to each other (even penguins!). At work, people are pressured to cut excess in the name of efficiency. And what they got in the end? Layoff and outsourcing. Yes, that’s how 3-D works! Too bad her mind was still at 3-D even after death. If only she was an otaku knowing the existence of Miku… She was born just too early!

I always thought the first kawaii idol was Matsuda Seiko or Rin Minmei, but the scepter has been passed down from Grushenka!

Thus, onion is the scepter of kawaii idols!


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