Gundam 00 – I haptise you in the name of the Bather, the Ron, and the Oily Spirit, Hamon!

First, just take a look at the Gundam 00 character page, and just look at these names.

What is it with these “super awesome” names that these poor Japanese animators come up with? This is not the ’80’s and they do know enough about English to do OK – I should know because I taught in Japan and I found out that the average Japanese folks have come a long way on learning English since the ’80s, even though most of them in the smaller cities, towns, and country side still don’t know enough (it’s not like they really are that better much better off in Tokyo, but come on), but guess what? These type of butchered names still come up from time to time in anime. So Lockon! Stratos! And Allellujah and Hamon to that, Haptism!

I don’t know, I mean for another example, just look at the names for Baccano! (exclamation marks added by the show). I mean, do I really have to list these silly and mostly downright embarrassing names? Why is it that these folks can’t hire a real westerner (just one would do – it won’t cost that much) and make up some good names (good names don’t have to be hard to remember, even to the average Japanese, btw).

In anycase, here’s the plot of Gundam 00 translated into excellent Engrish:

2307 in Christian era.

The human race was obtaining new energy that took the place of it though the fossil fuel dried up. Large-scale photovoltaic generation system according to huge orbit elevator and it three. However, it was only a part of large country and the ally that obtained the favor of this system.

Three super power groups that own three orbit elevators. ‘Union’ that centers on the United States’Human race reformation league’ that centers on China, Russia, and India It centered on Europe ‘AEU’. Each super power group continues a considerable zero-sum game with prestige by yourself for prosperity. The human race had it was not possible to finish uniting into one yet though it became a century the 24th so …….

A private, armed organization to which “Extermination of the war by military power” hangs appears in the world of such an endless fight. Names of men who own movable suit “Gundam” are Sorestalbeing.

The military power intervention to all hostilities by Gundam starts.

(Well, of course I can make it sound right, but what’s the fun in that?) In any case, you get the idea. I’ll be blogging this once it comes out, of course.

Let’s hope it’s a good show like the modern Gundam series Gundam Seed.

But in any case, another new Gundam is coming out! Allellujah! Praise Cod!

Author: Ray

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