Get a grip, UN.

From ANN –

United Nations Group Urges Japan to Ban Explicit Games, Manga

…However, it expressed concern “at the normalization of sexual violence in the State party as reflected by the prevalence of pornographic video games and cartoons featuring rape, gang rape, stalking and the sexual molestation of women and girls.” It also noted that the current child pornography laws do not cover virtual child pornography — material such as some manga, anime, and software that explicitly depict fictional children…The committee then strongly urged Japan “to ban the sale of video games or cartoons…

Ray’s Take: UN = UK. I wish I could be more surprised. Of course, it’s just great that UN actually takes time out of their impossibly busy schedule to take a whack on drawn pictures and things that aren’t real. Anyone who acts out those things depicted in those pictures in real life is sick already and not have to be influenced by them to do whatever. Stop blaming the media and get that through your head. Humans have been degrading since ancient time (it was much worse in BC years) and becoming more depraved with or without sexual entertainment. As for everything else, go to that African tribe and tell them that women shouldn’t work all the time in addition to fighting tribal enemies. It’s unfair but it’s cultural difference. Get the hell over it and place more effort on the feeding the hungry and the thirsty. God-damned ippanjin really piss me off.

Next issue please.

Author: Ray

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7 thoughts on “Get a grip, UN.

  1. UN is currently lead by people who has close ties to the rich corporations . Do you think they would be that interested in social and economic justice?

  2. @ maglor – it’s just so great that once the rich get rich, next thing they do is get famous and unfortunately for those who really need help, these rich people take the positions that could render help but often end up caring for self interests.

  3. @ Moritheil – UN has lasted long enough and it maybe time for it to fallen into utter corruption (if it hasn’t fallen already).

    @Shiratama – yeah you’re right, the UN has been a joke in recent memory. What right does it have? Or rather, with the power it pretends to have, it hasn’t done anything significant that was reported in recent years, at least in my memory.

  4. Seems like UN needs to sort out their priorities. Not that this issue doesn’t need the attention of the authorities, but there are more urgent and much more serious issues that could use UN’s involvement.

  5. @ Fan – that’s what’s puzzling. It feel like to me that they’re trying to show some results to the world so they take on the easier issues first. It’s understandable but it’s frustrating.

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