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Fellow Bloggers: What Keeps You Going?

This is me when I start writing sometimes. (No, not the woman part)

Lately I’ve been thinking about how having a growing anime blog and podcast has changed my viewing and even writing habits, and about the motivation for continuing this increasingly time consuming hobby. It’s prompted, in part, by the closure of a few anime blogs, as well as my own recent hiatus, and also by genuine curiosity about how other people keep it up.

Why do I continue to do this? Well, let’s see…

How have some of my habits changed since I became a regular anime blogger?

Now I turn the question back to you, dear fellow blogmeisters: since you become bloggers, what keeps you going (or what made you stop, if you have)? Especially for those who keep regular posts and updates–how do you keep doing it without it becoming boring, a job or a routine? And how have your viewing habits changed, and the way you look at anime in general? Would you say similar things to what I said above or emphasize different things?

Note: this is not an insinuating prelude to me dramatically announcing my exit from anime blogging. You can breathe easier now. 🙂 I’m genuinely curious.

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