Fairy’s tail; ya fairy; chasing that fairy’s tail

From ANN

Fairy TailAnime’s Voice Cast Listed in Shonen Magazine

…Lucy: Aya Hirano
Happy: Rie Kugimiya

Ray’s Take:  Tails and Aya-chan? I’m so there! But a fairy’s tail…Har har har. I suspect the author knew how to write English titles just fine, but this name is just so Engrish sounding and it’s a sort of pun. OK, junvenile joke is over, moving on…

(No, OF COURSE I didn’t read the manga, duh. It ain’t my style)

Author: Ray

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3 thoughts on “Fairy’s tail; ya fairy; chasing that fairy’s tail

  1. That is a guarantied pay check for the next 10 years (just look at One Piece).

  2. @Dood – Yeah, I went to a bookstore and I saw like 30 something volumes out.

    Hirano Aya is on Eye Shield 21, so that’s another steady paycheck (not that pays much).

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