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El Cazador Eps3: The music had more action than The episodic Thelma and Louise.


This is a plateful of disappointment, this is a crappy imitation of Cowboy Bebop, this is probably what an episodic Thelma and Louise would look like – and I didn’t have to have seen that movie (I’m a guy, dammit!) to know that both suck. Well, other than the fact it’s two girls driving…SOUTH, right?

Why am I not posting pictures? Why bother? It was boring, boring, boring, bang (the music went bang, that is), and super bland and pointless. No plot development anywhere to be found – even if you were trying to find it using a binocular, not much of character development – wait, there were some? Where? AND NO ACTION! One! ONE! ONE DEAD BODY! And Nadi didn’t fire one shot before she was put out by that kid – with (gasp! SPOILERrRRRR!) pass out mace spray! And neither Nadi nor Elise killed the dead guy – he just got shot by somebody! Count it, ONE body! AHHHHH!!! And not a shot was fired the whole episode, except before and after commercial break, when they show these still pics that tells you they’re going into commercial and coming back from it!

More great music which tries to make the whole thing move and be active, but watch without the music and you’ll fall asleep within seconds – I know music helps a lot, but come on! Action music goes with ACTION! Or real conflict! What conflict?????

Woe is me, for El Cazador truly does suck big, smelly sombreros and Tequilla bottles.

Oh, and the Western Style music in the beginning actually has nothing to do with Mexico.

My score for this show so far up to eps 3: Absolute Zero save for the music.

Nutrition Facts:

Serving Size 1 Episode (30 minutes)

Servings per PC Screen 1

Amount per serving

Calories (nothing like beer’s goodness either) (empty)

Calories from boredom 2000

% Daily Value

Total goodness 0 g 0%

Saturated goodness 0 g 0%

Awful 2000 g 2000000000%

Sodium 1000mg (good music adds the flavor) 1000%

Total fillings 100 g 100%

Dietary Plot fiber 1 g 0.1 %

sweetness/service 0 g 0 %

Solid action 0 0 %
Completely not recommended.


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