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Dragon Crisis 5 moves me

OK. I’m a sucker for stories about saving Christians and facing trials. I’m particularly weak against a show having Kugyu and a man who complains “why God, must I face such trial?”

That hits close to home, except the “having Kugyu” part, unforunately. I mean, if Kugimiya Rie is close to MY HOME, damn I’d be happy! XD

It’s Rose’s (played by Rie) performance that balances it all out. Without having her as the heroine, the aforementioned confession would seem rather bland and uninteresting. Rie can really play innocent and emotional. She’s got a great range.

The series really started out OK. Like I said, I had to constantly remind myself that my favorite voice actress is in it, otherwise, I’d just yawn and shut it off. In this story arc, they even have Hoc-chan (Horie Yui) playing the Princess of the White Dragons. That’s two expert female voice actresses holding the show up. Honestly, and I know a certain staff member (who will remain anonymous) will hate me, but I’ve never found Yui all that interesting as a voice actress. I remember her most from Love Hina, which is an oooooooooold show. I dunno, her style and voice just don’t move me. But Rie really does her best and saves the show for me.

Rose is the only “person” in the story arc that figured out the real issue, or non-issue behind it all, and she is not afraid to confront George, the priest, about it. That’s why it moves me.

Bottomline: It’s Rie’s acting skills that makes the show fun. Of course, twintails and Kugyu voice kick everything up a few notches for fans of her.

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