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Do you really want to watch this in real life? Did you ACTUALLY See Street Fighter the Movie???

From ANN

1st Live-Action Dragonball Poster with Son Goku Posted (Updated)

…posted the first poster from the Dragonball live-action film that features a main character on Friday. The poster portrays Canadian actor Justin Chatwin (War of the Worlds, The Invisible, Lost television series), who stars as Son Goku…

Ray’s take: Uh, animation can get away with a lot of things where live action films can’t. Don’t they get it? God damn it’s not a racing anime! I mean, I mean…Gosh, I just can’t watch this at all. The costumes look cheesy as hell with actual people wearing them, and I shudder to image the hair of Vegeta on a real person…However, Shoto-tan maybe thrilled to see it…But I’m seriously disturbed.

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