Come on and give up Chobits already!

From Weird Asia News

Japan Unveils Robot Fashion Model

…have unveiled a humanoid robot fashion model.

Named HRP-4C and decked out in silver and black metallic accouterments, this walking, talking, facial expression-producing robot was created to strut her stuff on the catwalks of Japan. She clocks in at 158 centimeters tall and, mimicking the weight of real supermodels, weighs in at only 43 kilograms…

Ray’s Take: No! Give us female replacements! Or at least give us Chobits, sex replicants, sex boomer, or whatever close to those, damn it! What uncanny valley? We’d get over it in 2 years max! Today’s world changes so fast that weird things become not weird in less than 5 years! Get me Koharu Biyori! Get me Mahoro!

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