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Claymore Petition – An Open Letter to Madhouse

Update: Madhouse doesn’t seem to give a damn and caved in for Marvel’s (MY GOD, Marvel?) junk hollywood property, Iron Man! Blasphermous! Let’s email bomb Madhouse at ! Show them that we, the fans around the world, actually matters!

Madhouse Home Page

A few weeks ago, I sent an email to Madhouse, asking them to check out the petition and thanking them for their efforts. I will disclose the email here (forgive my terrible Japanese, please). The email is to Director Mr. Tanaka and Character Designer Mr. Umehara:

拝啓:田中洋之殿と梅原隆弘殿 Dear Mr. Tanaka and Mr. Umehara – クラモア



Dear Mr. Tanaka and Mr. Umehara
My Japanese is really bad but I think this is important. I hope you
will have some time to see it. Maybe there isn’t anything you can do,
but please appreciate our feelings. Thank you very much!

Claymore Season 2 petition
(I’m sorry I used Babel fish translation softo)

Thank you very much for all your hard work,
Ray of Anime Diet

Everyone, I encourage you to write something in your own language to Madhouse, to Jump Magazine (I couldn’t find their email address) and whoever else you think is important in this matter. No matter what happens, let’s show them our devotion! Post your email in “Leave Your Reply” section below for the world to see and remember!

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