Black Day again…

Yes, today, otra vez, April 14th is Black Day… The day of darkness. The day as dark as black. We otaku are colonized by the darkness called 3-D. The colonized man is an envious man. We envy people who can spend a content life in 3-D, i.e., riajū(リア充). We envy people who can enjoy Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th) and White Day (Mar 14th), their life must be sweet like chocolate, dulce como chocolate. So, we’re jealous. The colonized man is also a jealous man. Therefore, let us eat jajanmyeong! Let us celebrate Black Day! Down with bitterness and absurdity of 3-D life!

2-D, banzai!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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13 thoughts on “Black Day again…

  1. What the…I had no idea there was a Black Day! I friggin love jajangmyun…one of my favorite dishes. I eat it on almost a weekly basis, and when I went to Korea a couple years ago, my wife and I made sure to go to a noodle house to get yummy jajangmyun. Mmmm….gonna go get some today…

    1. @TWWK

      Yeah, it’s South Korean tradition. You went to Korea and ate original jajamyeong? Very cool! Though you’re married, you gonna get one for Black Day? That’s awesome! At least, you are cheering us up by doing that, which is very compassionate of you. Thank you!

  2. LOL… sure… Oh crap… I was in a restaurant today… could have had me some noodles.. but I am not bitter. ^_^

    1. Jajamyeong is not bitter, rather sweet, so it’s good to eat. 🙂

      1. Nah.. bitter meaning about not getting anything back.. I don’t believe any of my friends who I gave giri choco yet to, has delivered. If they remember, then they’re all late. ^_^ Hmm.. never really had Korean cuisine, other than dumplings, kimchee, and bimbop. Have to remember to see if I can find this dish in K-town then.

      2. Yeah, I know, just word play. So, you did actually give giri then. That’s cool. I never received giri in high school. Didn’t even have female friends who could hang out. Yes, I’m sure there’s one in the East coast.

      3. Hmm.. I gave in total three giri choco.. and four tomo choco. I didn’t start this practice until last year. But I have known about Japanese Valentine practices for a while now. Still I should feel a bit sad, my friends forgot all about White Day. >_<

        Yes! I sampled Jajangmyeon today, and it was pretty tasty. A little messy, but tasty. ^_^

      4. Ahh, how sad…people don’t observe White Day in America, so probably that’s why your dear friends forgot about it. I’m sure if they’re in Japan, whether they like it or not, they will hear about White Day everyday around that season, so they can’t forget about it.

        Awesome, I’m glad you liked jajamyeong!!! Yeah!

      5. I find that in the United States, Valentine is a veerryy overrated holiday for couples. Very true, however real life has me not being able to hang out with my friends as much. So. ^_^ Hmm.. I definitely wouldn’t mind trying that dish again.

      6. Yeah, I agree it’s overrated. It makes me want to hide away particularly on Valentine’s Day. Ah that’s too bad… Yeah, we got busy life. And especially in America and Japan, you’re seen as lazy if you don’t keep yourself busy. So, it’s kind of OCD that we make ourselves quite unavailable… We need more of yutori. Yeah, hurray to Black Day dish!

    1. @Juusan

      Black Day is a day when singles who didn’t get to have Valentine’s Day and White Day will gather and eat Korean black sauce noodle together to celebrate their singledom.

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