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Best Female Seiyuu and (Oh, fine) Male Seiyuu – your thoughts?

So. I’ve been silenced for a few days – no, I didn’t get whacked by Noir, though I wouldn’t mind being whacked as long as I got autographs from them (it’d be even better if I got that from the the actual seiyuus), and no, I wasn’t send to an alternate universe, even though that white mobile suit looked awfully inviting, but my brain really hasn’t evolved beyond girls with guns talking shit, and I really hate to live in space or have to blast that poor Jinn for the trillionth time (the pilot complained that he doesn’t get paid enough…he must be Taiwanese). Oh, and I wasn’t sent to SE Asia with a secret data disk in my pocket, but I do have more than enough anime collections on burned discs…, I mean purchased DVDs. I mean, you know this entry is fictional, right? I’m really just some guy who lives on an island off S. America, and people here happen to love anime! Hey, we didn’t ask people to burn them or download them or bit torrent them – these are for educational purposes for the people who live on this island only – to teach us the art and the regular culture of Japanese.

But wow, Japanese girls sure are moe. These days even seiyuus are moe.
I was just told that I’m off the topic. Oh well, what the hell. I know this topic is supposedly about the your thoughts of best female and/or male seiyuus, but you know what? I’m curious as to if you agree that Hirano Aya is the goddess of Moe. I mean, if she were a goddes in Ah! Megami-sama, she’d be the goddess of Moe, and all the loser men in that show will simply bow down and kiss her feet. I mean, I really don’t give a damn about motorcycles and all that – I just want the damned thing to work!

(Ouch..ow! Stop it! Stop hitting me!) All right, all right. I really hate getting whacked by falling metallic wash basins. So yeah, anyway, to make this post look like it isn’t hastily made up because I haven’t watched any Kyoshiro after eps8(the Chinese fansubbers already finished eps 10, but I’ve lost interest) and can’t put down any episode summaries, I’ll post some pictures of my candidates for the best female seiyuus and my candidate for the goddess of Moe for a place in yggadrasil..Oh, and I’ll place a picture of male seiyuu. So anyone who cares to continue, please click below. Otherwise, there are far better posts and links to keep an average Otaku such as yourself entertained (I’m posting one here for your bit torrent pleasure).

Here’s the link if you don’t want to see the seiyuu pics:

Now some seiyuus in no particular order for the best female seiyuus:

Inoue Kikuko


Mitsuishi Kotono

from ArtsVision

Hisakawa Aya

Kuwashima Houko


Kawasumi Ayako

Nabatame Hitomi

Nakahara Mai

Horie Yui

Yukino Satsuki

Shimizu Ai

Noto Mamiko

And Of course, Hirano Aya

…and some others whose pictures I don’t have at the moment – I’m too friggin’ busy these days! I’ll just type names! Kobayashi Sanae, Chiba Saeko, Goto Yuko, Hyashibara Megumi (gosh! and she used to be the queen of seiyuu in the 90s!), Toyoguchi Megumi, Saito Chiwa, Asakawa Yuu (who recently got married to a male seiyuu), and other good or great female seiyuus that I can’t think of at the moment….

What? OH! That ONE picture of male Seiyuu I promised to post…Fine, fine, fine! Since we have like, 2 female readers, oh, all right. Here he is, Hoshi Soichiro, AKA Kira Yamato

I just realized that I put the Moe seiyuu at the end. Oh well.
So, just like I promised 😉 Have fun drooling over Japanese women pictures…I mean thinking over who’s the best Female seiyuu…and male. See you when I get back from Then and There.

(BTW, did anyone get the “I think I’m turning Madarame, I think I’m turning Madarame, I think I’m turning Madarame, I really think so” Joke? Well, you see, Madaram (from Genshiken ) is Japanese, and there’s a song that goes, “I think I’m turning Japanese, I think I’m turning Japanese, I really think so”…and…OH, THAT WAS AWFULLY DUMB!)

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